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Seasons of Life

Thank you to everyone who joined us for "Seasons of Life." Save the dates for the spring concerts, June 6 and 7, 2015. Locations to be announced.

As we travel life's journey, we pass through stages and transitions seamlessly from birth through life to death. While we regularly celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, holidays and special occasions, we often fail to mark some important milestones of our lives: coming of age, falling in love, overcoming the trials of adolescence, first (and second) dates, embracing the realities of aging. In our upcoming concert, Seasons of Life, Voices Rising pays musical tribute to some of those lesser celebrated passages along with the monumental ones. We will sing about birth and death, about the cyclical passage of time and the ways we measure it. Our songs cover a breadth of styles, with folk tunes and show tunes, Hawaiian chant and a cappella jazz. With music from Joni Mitchell, Pat Humphries and Ysaye Barnwell and words from Khalil Gibran and Ecclesiastes, we will sing about the many phases of our time here on earth and the transition to the other side. Please join us in January and February for Seasons of Life. And until then, may all your milestones be celebrated with joy!