At Voices Rising, we strongly believe that being part of our community should never be linked to any singer’s ability to make a financial contribution to the chorus. And yet, we all know that running a successful performing arts organization takes substantial funding.

We turn to you to support our work directly by donating $50, $25, or even $10. Your tax-deductible donation can help all our community members fully participate in Voices Rising.

Thank you for your ongoing support to help us continue building community through song.

If you like to shop online, you can donate to Voices Rising at the same time, by shopping at or Shop online at over 700 brand name stores and a portion of each purchase will be donated to Voices Rising! Your stores, our cause! Click on the icon, or visit, and identify “Voices Rising Boston” as “My Favorite Cause” under “Settings.”

In Loving Memory

On February 3, 2017, Aimee Michaels z”l, died after a long battle with cancer. Aimee was a founder of Voices Rising and a vibrant member of our community. We will miss her dearly. As per Aimee’s wishes, please make a donation in her memory to support our ongoing mission to build community through song.

A fermata is a symbol used in music notation to sustain a note. Our Fermatas are the people who sustain us! Email us at to join the Fermata section.

Who is a Fermata?

  • A former singing member or singing member on leave
  • A partner, relative, or friend of a singing member who volunteers her or his time and resources to support our missions of community-building and musical excellence

Reasons to be a Fermata:

  • Someone you love is a Voices Rising singer
  • You used to sing with us and want to stay connected
  • You love our commitment to feminist and LGBT community
  • You have time, space, and/or funds to make sure the VR community continues not only to exist, but to grow and thrive

What are some things a Fermata can do?

  • Volunteer with ushering, box office, or merchandise on the day of a performance
  • Help us get the word out about our performances and fundraisers
  • Set up monthly giving to enable us to take our music on the road and reach the wide audience that our music merits!

What’s in it for you?

  • In-kind donations and monetary donations are tax deductible
  • It’s an amazing way to meet some really good friends who are working for a common purpose