Come to the Music

Come to the Music CD Cover

Order your copy of Voices Rising’s first live CD Come to the Music. $20 per CD plus $3 shipping and handling.

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Song List

  1. Come in from the Firefly Darkness
    Words and music by Amy F. Bernon
    Heritage Music Press, a division of The Lorenz Corporation
    Soloists: Katherine Fisher and Laura Beck
    Sponsored by Voices Rising’s Altos and Sopranos
  2. J’entends le moulin
    French-Canadian folksong
    Arr. Donald Patriquin
    Recorded by, Fred Betschen and Mark Morette, engineers
    Sponsored by Ben and Danya Bloomstone
  3. Shenahdoah
    American folksong
    Arr. James Erb and Patricia Hennings
    Lawson-Gould Music Publishers
    Soloist: Katherine Fisher
    Sponsored by a friend of Voices Rising
  4. Three Ways to Vacuum Your House – II
    Music by Stephen Hatfield
    Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
  5. The Stove
    Words by Ann Kilkelly
    Music by Zae Munn
  6. Dilika Town Hall
    Arr. by Helen Butulezi
    Transcribed by Jane Hulting
    Gallo Music Publishers
    Soloist: Lisa Rue
  7. Tango to Evora
    Music by Loreena McKennitt
    Arr. by Jon Washburn
    Walton Music
    Soloist: Rebecca Gorlin
    Triangle: Kari Paisley-Flango
    Sponsored by Voices Rising’s sopranos
  8. Mbiri kuna Mwari
    Text from the Shona Mass
    Music by Lee R. Kesselman
    Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
    Percussion: Andey Amata-Kynvi, Erin Coates, Susan Clinkenbeard, Heidi Hart-Gorman, Kari Paisley-Flango and Jennifer Wry
    Sponsored by Ora Wry
  9. Thula S’thandwa
    Zulu lullaby
    Arr. by Nick Page
    Hendon Music, Inc.
  10. Winternight Journeys
    Traditional Japanese lullabies
    Arr. by David Maddux
    David Maddux (ASCAP)
    Koto: Ayakano Cathleen Read
    Shakuhachi: Elizabeth Reian Bennett
  11. Would You Harbor Me? Ysaye M. Barnwell
    Words and Music by Ysaye M. Barnwell
    Barnwell’s Notes Publishing (C) 1994
    Sponsored by Kathryn Keller
  12. Warrior
    Words and Music by Kim Baryluk of The Wyrd Sisters
    Sponsored by Voices Rising’s Altos
  13. Ain’t It Good (from Children of Eden)
    Words and Music by Stephen Schwartz
    Arr. by Gwen Arch
    Grey Dog Music
    Recorded by Dave Doherty
    Longy School of Music
    Soloist: Kelley Exley
    Piano: Nicole Biamonte
  14. Shen khar venakhi
    Traditional Georgian
    Text by King Demetre I
    Kitka/Diaphonica Productions (
    Sponsored by The Grip Family
  15. World Citizen
    Words and Music by Melanie Shanahan of AKASA
    AMCOS (Australsian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society)
    Soloists: Katie Dunton and Lisa Rue
    Percussion: Jennifer Greene, Jonah McBride, and David Moore
  16. Bittersweet Tango
    Words and Music by Eric Lane Barnes
    ELB Publishing (ASCAP)
    Soloist: Katie Dunton
    Percussion: Jonah McBride
  17. Ain’t No Grave
    Traditional Spiritual
    Arr. by Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory
    Sponsored in memory of Connie Antonucci
  18. Come to the Music Joseph M. Martin
    with Another Octave, Connecticut Women’s Chorus
    Words and Music by Joseph M. Martin
    Additional Words by Lydia Smith-Franks and Leora Zimmer
    Shawnee Press, Inc
    Recorded by Dave Doherty
    Longy School of Music
    Piano: Nicole Biamonte
    Piccolo: Takao Shinzawa
    Percussion: Valentina Páez
    Sponsored by Dov and Hetty Zimmer